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Do you close your eyes when you have a quiet moment and think of something, that thing, that you wish you were doing?  Something that is always on the edge of your mind, that you have always loved doing, imagining, and pondering about?  For me, it has always been baking.  Visions of sugar plums dancing was a real thing (and not just at Christmas)! 

After years working in cafés and food service as a young adult, followed by many more years working in academia in community population was time to let those work worlds collide with the bakery day dreams.  A place where my love of healthy-walkable communities, social connection, amazing coffee, and fresh made baked goods could all blend together.  

As a long time resident of the Gorge Neighbourhood I am delighted to invite you all to visit this beautiful community we call home, and pop into the cafe for a quick snack or better yet linger and enjoy the amazing views of the Gorge Waterway over a cup of your favourite drink.  The doors are open, the coffee is delightful, and the baking has been waiting a lifetime to share with you!

-Kai Riecken (owner & baker)

The Ethos
The Place
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Socially Connected & Green Community

Wherever possible we sourced products that are compostable and gentle on the planet.  All of our to go items...and we mean all of cups, cold cups, lids, cutlery, napkins, straws, sleeves etc. are all compostable.  Help us do the earth a favour by either staying and using a lovely ceramic dish, or sorting these items into the compost for us.  We try where we can to use products that are people and planet friendly, as well as local.  

If you haven't visited the Gorge neighbourhood you are missing out.  The people, parks, views, and walkability are great.  Bakeology is intended to be a place for people to gather, connect, bike and paddle to.  With WiFi, board games, and events we hope you will have a chance to pop by.

The Place
Heritage Charm, Modern Comforts

Bakeology is nestled in the lovely Gorge-West neighbourhood on the corner of Admirals and Gorge Roads in Saanich.  We have the great fortune to dwell in the historic Brookman Building.  This building is a piece of local history established by the Brookman family in the 1930s and now fully restored in 2018.  It features original fir floors, salvaged wood detailing, original doors, and fantastic views of the waterway.  

To honour the building's natural charm we offer a variety of seating to welcome to public to visit, with a take-a-book-leave-a-book-library to use at your leisure and board games to stay and play here. In the mezzanine is a quiet kid's nook for wee ones and more seating.  You will also find two accessible washrooms onsite.  All finished in a Scandinavian farmhouse style.  It is comfy, bright, and accessible so that everyone can come enjoy this lovely piece of Victoria's architectural history.

Easily accessed from the Gorge Waterway Park this is a wonderful destination for paddlers, walkers and cyclists.  Drivers...have no fear there is lots of parking just left of us on Admirals Rd if the parking lot on Gorge Rd. is full. 

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